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 About Epsilon Xi Gamma, Inc.

In September 2010, two old friends happened to reunite while at St. John’s Bread of Life kitchen feeding the homeless. During their service, they discussed what they felt was missing for professional lesbians like themselves, who wanted to give back and make a lasting impact on LGBT society.  This conversation sparked an idea in both of them and they agreed to create something EXcellent and different. At their next meeting, October 27, 2010, the two put their ideas to paper and created Gamma’s first drawn shield, symbols, colors, ideals, and Epsilon Xi Gamma, Inc. was born. Epsilon Xi Gamma, Inc. is a legal 501c(10) non-profit organization in the United States.


5 Pillars of EXcellence

Our 5 Pillars of EXcellence are our guiding posts in the service we do, the partnerships we create, and the impact we make in our community.  We seek to always remember these Five Pillars.


EXceed EXpectations for every task.


Eradicate injustice everywhere it EXists.


Educate yourself and then pass that knowledge unto others.


Evoke political power.


 Edify community cohesiveness.

  • Nation's 1st and ONLY collegiate Greek Order for lesbian and allied women

  • 1st Greek Order to speak at the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Conference

  • 1st Greek Order to establish a partnership with the Lesbian Health Initiative

  • Membership on 5 college/university campuses within our first 5 years

  • 1st and ONLY Greek Order to establish membership guideline for non-traditional students, community college students, military professionals, and graduates

  • 1st Greek Order to establish an ALL LGBT service platform

  • Established federal non-profit 501c(10)

  • Establishment of service initiatives for LGBT youth, seniors, families, and same-sex domestic violence

Contact Us
EMAIL: epsilonxigammainc@gmail.com
945 McKinney Ste. 306
Houston, TX 77002
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