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EXcellence is not born, it is made

Pillar EXodus A. Allen Co-Founder of Epsilon Xi Gamma, Inc.

The choice to become Greek is not an easy one; it takes time, money, and a different way of thinking. Epsilon Xi Gamma, Inc. is an Order that seeks lifelong members, those that see themselves not only being service members in the LGBT community, but leaders in their communities, on their campuses, and military bases. The decision to pursue a Greek organization is life changing. Everything about how you view yourself, the community, politics, education, dedication, and other people will be forever changed. What you experience will be with you for life good or bad. A decision that important doesn’t come without a ton of questions. Xi Gammas don’t shy away from questions, because there is always a RIGHT ANSWER. It is imperative you conduct proper research. LGBT organizations have been in existence since 1985, many can be found by searching Google, Facebook, or other social and cultural Greek message board sites. Check out our FAQ for answers to most commonly asked questions. Whether you’re going to choose Gamma or another Greek organization ensure the organization is able to answer or provide the following:

What does it take to be a Gamma?

Can you see yourself as a lifelong member of this Order? Can you see yourself representing daily, recruiting, and completing service?  Can you see yourself interacting and uplifting existing members? We want lifelong members, not temporary people. Make sure you’re ready to commit.Should you have additional questions about membership, the process, or expanding our Order please email iwantin@excellence-is.org.

  • Must identify as a lesbian or LGBTQIA ally

  • Possess the ability to work openly alongside members of the LGBT community for LGBTQIA causes

  • Must be an registered active voter or willing to complete LGBT related political service projects prior to membership

  • Must exhibit a willingness to learn and apply the esoteric information and business practices of Epsilon Xi Gamma, Inc.

  • College students:  Accumulated at least 24 credit hours and have a 2.5 GPA. Vocational students must provide verification of their program description and  enrollment

  • Professionals Option A: Graduates, professionally certified, or military professionals with officer rank or honorably discharged 

  • Professionals Option B:   Have exhibited entrepreneurship, stable career path of 3 years or more, or excelled into a leadership position within their current company.

  • Travel may be required to complete your process if there is no active membership in your metropolitan area.

  • All applicants must submit to a full background check

  • Be willing to dedicate your time and energy to representation, expansion, and LGBTQIA service

  • Must exhibit EXcellence in character

Are you ready !?

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