Frequently Asked Questions

The decision to pursue a Greek organization is life changing. Everything about how you view yourself, your community, and the world will change. What you experience will be with you for life good or bad. A decision that important doesn’t come without a ton of questions. Xi Gammas don’t shy away from questions, because we believe in transparency. It is imperative you conduct proper research. LGBT organizations have been in existence since 1985, many can be found by searching Google, Facebook, or other social and cultural Greek message boards. The below questions do no represent all there is to know about our EXtraordinary Order, but it does give you an idea of who we are, why, and what’s expected. Thank you for taking the time to expand your knowledge.

What is an Order? Why do you call yourselves an Order and not a fraternity or sorority?

First, we encourage you to conduct searches on the establishment of Order organizations, you will find they have a rich and elaborate history. Examples such as, the Knights Templar, The Order of Skull and Bones, and the Order of Omega date back hundreds of years (much further than Greek organizations). Orders are by invitation only and usually after the organization has gotten to know you thoroughly. We chose to be an Order, first because we only want to accept people we feel we know thoroughly and second because our membership includes both masculine identified, feminine, and queer members. We didn’t want to use terms traditionally linked to either gender and wanted to promote membership based on seeking common ground and not gender expression.

What are the requirements for collegiate members?

You must have a 2.5 GPA and have completed at least 24 credit hours, this includes community and 4 year colleges/universities.

What are your requirements for military members?

For active military you must have completed your first year of military duty. For non-active military, you should have been honorably discharged.* Proof of discharge will be required.

What are your requirements for vocational or technical school applicants?

The certification or vocation should be industry standard and take at least 9 months or more to complete.

What is meant by non-traditional student?

Non-traditional are students who are in technical, vocational, or community college.

What makes Gamma different from the 30+ LGBT Greek organizations out there?

Epsilon Xi Gamma, Inc. is 1st and only collegiate LGBTQUIA Order. Epsilon Xi Gamma, Inc. is the first LGBTQUIA Order to adopt an LGBTQUIA service only initiative. The first Greek Order to establish partnerships with Lesbian Health Initiative and National Gay & Lesbian Task Force.

What is included in the new member fee?

New membership materials, access to our intranet, leading business training, administrative materials, and new membership attire.

I belong to a Divine 9 Greek organization, can I join your organization?

The NPHC prohibits dual membership among other NPHC organizations, we are not a part of the NPHC, therefore you can hold dual membership.

Do you haze?

Epsilon Xi Gamma, Inc. is absolutely strictly non-hazing organization. If a member tells you, you must be hazed or subject yourself to degrading, humiliating, or restricted behavior to obtain membership, that member is FALSE. For more information on our hazing policy please click here. If you feel you are being hazed please email

 Do Gammas step or stroll?

 If members should choose to step or stroll it is our expectation they are both unique and EXcellent while doing so.

Is this a legal organization?

Epsilon Xi Gamma, Inc. was incorporated in the state of Texas February 20, 2011 and federally incorporated as a 501c10 February 16, 2014.

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