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Gamma is an organization of US, working for US; OUR families, OUR community, and OUR rights. I'm proud of the work that we do in LGBT community

Soror E. Blackshear "Conqueror" - Fall 2014 - Houston City-Wide Colony

The Xi Gamma mission and purpose are clear in who we dedicate ourselves to in every way. By striving daily to make strides, changes, and impacting the LGBT community first and the LGBT community ONLY, we become in the EXact change we wish to see. We wish to see an empowered, educated, and thriving community that is treated equally in every way. This is why Xi Gamma worked tirelessly to create two programs that encompass our beliefs:

HE.A.L. – aimed at assisting the disenfranchised and underrepresented members of our community to give back to LGBT seniors, youth, families, and adults. By working with our partners and like-minded individuals who believe like we do, we want to “heal” LGBT citizens world-wide.

StandUP! – we believe ALL LGBT citizens are deserving of the basic human rights of all our heterosexual counterparts. We want to partner and stand alongside organizations with a common cause to ensure the human rights and political equality of all LGBT citizens

Within our two programs we have created 3 initiatives:

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